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Should or should you not exercise during your period?

As periods hit, a vast majority of us tend to adopt the" I'll do whatever I want this week" mentality, but should you still hit the gym or home workout during that part of the cycle? Before I go any further, let me tell you this "You do YOU, girl." What makes us great human beings is understanding our body, respecting it, and showing it love. For some of us, that might mean "take it to chill' while menstruating, but it can also mean "Nothing will stop me."

As you might know, on top of developing a women's premium supplement line, I'm also a personal trainer and a Natural Health specialist. So today, I just want to share a few Pros of working out during your periods (in case you weren't too sure if it's a good idea to do so).

Tired of being tired ?

With everything going on Hormone-wise during your periods, most of us feel a bit “meh” (in my books, that means tired, exhausted, etc.). But if you are someone who already exercises regularly, the simple act of keeping that routine, even at a slower/less intense paste, during your periods will help you release Dopamine which will fight fatigue and help you feel more energized.

Cramps ?

Do you know what comes after the release of Dopamine to your system? Endorphins.

The release of endorphins post-workout is a natural muscle relaxant hormone that helps fight pain in general. Workout endorphins will become your natural best friend if you get very painful, never-ending period cramps.

Feeling Moody ?

Suppose there’s one thing that doesn’t require too much scientific research to back up, the feeling of accomplishment after exercising lifts up your mood. You should always feel proud of yourself after hitting the gym or a home workout, no matter the circumstances. Please give yourself a high-five, girl; you did it!

I will always suggest that any woman stay in shape and exercise regularly. Regardless of the end goal, it is crucial to move and get your sweat on for health purposes. Remember to listen to your body, connect with it, and love it.

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